PMLA Special Topic: Emotions (oct. 2015)


Source: Modern Language Association

PMLA, Vol. 130, No. 5, October 2015

ISSN 0030-8129
Special Topic: Emotions
Coordinated by Katharine Ann Jensen and Miriam L. Wallace
Introduction—Facing Emotions
Animals Are from Venus, Human Beings from Mars: Averroës’s Aristotle and the Rationality of Emotion in Guido Cavalcanti’s “Donna me prega”
Better Living through Dread: Medieval Ascetics, Modern Philosophers, and the Long History of Existential Anxiety
Pity and Poetics in Chaucer’s Legend of Good Women
The Pathos of Reading
Contested Emotions: Pity and Gratitude from the Stoics to Swift and Wordsworth
Nat Turner and the Work of Enthusiasm
Facing Wilde; or, Emotion’s Image
Emotion in Motion: The Nāṭyashāstra, Darwin, and Affect Theory
The Scandal of Insensibility; or, The Bartleby Problem
Kafka’s Laughter: On Joy and the Kafkaesque