Rob Boddice, The History of Emotions (à paraître)


Il est encore un peu tôt pour en faire l’annonce – la parution est prévue pour janvier 2018 – mais rien n’est plus agréable que d’aiguiser patiemment sa curiosité:

Rob Boddice, The History of Emotions, Manchester University Press, 2018

Présentation de l’éditeur:

This book introduces students and professional historians to the main areas of concern in the history of emotions. It discusses how the emotions intersect with other lines of historical research relating to power, practice, society and morality. Addressing criticism from within and without the discipline of history, the book offers a rigorous defence of this new approach, demonstrating its potential centrality to historiographical practice, as well as the importance of this kind of historical work for our general understanding of the human brain and the meaning of human experience.


1 Historians and emotions
2 Words and concepts
3 Communities, regimes and styles
4 Power, politics and violence
5 Practice and expression
6 Experience, senses and the brain
7 Spaces, places and objects
8 Morality