Un manuel universitaire consacré à l’histoire des émotions

Source : Macmillan

Katie Barclay, The History of Emotions. A Student Guide to Methods and Sources, Macmillan, 2020.

This student guide introduces the key concepts, theories and approaches to the history of emotions while teaching readers how to apply these ideas to historical source material. Covering the main emotions approaches and providing a range of global case studies and historical sources with which to apply learning, this textbook provides a ‘how to’ guide for those new to the field and for those learning how historians apply methods to source material. 
Written in clear and accessible language, each chapter is accompanied by further reading, while surveying many of the main areas of current research and providing ideas for personal research projects and further learning. This methodological guide is ideal for students taking modules on the History of Emotions, or for students on general Historical Skills modules.