Emotions and Mediaeval Monasticism

Pakistan Journal of Historical Studies, vol. 5/1-2 (2020)


Emotions and Mediaeval Monasticism




Barbara H. Rosenwein and Ricardo Cristiani, “Emotions and Mediaeval Monasticism: Introduction”


Albrecht Diem, “Regulating Passions: Emotional Discipline in Early Mediaeval Monastic Rules”


Lauren Mancia, “Tools for Monastic Emotion: Confessio and Conversio in Augustine, John of Fécamp and The cloisters Cross”


Christina Lutter, “Emotional Patterns and Spiritual Practice in Twelfth-Century Reform communities: Admont and the Hirsau Reform”


Damien Boquet, “The Nun, the Monk, and the Lay Brother: Emotional Anthropology and Affective Community in the Hagiography of Goswin of Bossut (1230s)”

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Damien Boquet (2021, 19 août). Emotions and Mediaeval Monasticism. Les émotions au Moyen Âge, carnet d'EMMA. Consulté le 21 avril 2024, à l’adresse https://doi.org/10.58079/o7w9