B.H. Rosenwein, Generations of Feeling A History of Emotions, 600–1700 (vient de paraître)


9781107480841Source : Cambridge University Press

Barbara H. Rosenwein, Generations of Feeling. A History of Emotions,  600–1700, Cambridge University Press, 2015.

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Generations of Feeling is the first book to provide a comprehensive history of emotions in pre- and early modern Western Europe. Charting the varieties, transformations and constants of human sentiments over the course of eleven centuries, Barbara H. Rosenwein explores the feelings expressed in a wide range of ’emotional communities’ as well as the theories that served to inform and reflect their times. Focusing specifically on groups within England and France, chapters address communities as diverse as the monastery of Rievaulx in twelfth-century England and the ducal court of fifteenth-century Burgundy, assessing the ways in which emotional norms and modes of expression respond to, and in turn create, their social, religious, ideological, and cultural environments. Contemplating emotions experienced ‘on the ground’ as well as those theorized in the treatises of Alcuin, Thomas Aquinas, Jean Gerson and Thomas Hobbes, this insightful study offers a profound new narrative of emotional life in the West.

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Damien Boquet (2015, 23 octobre). B.H. Rosenwein, Generations of Feeling A History of Emotions, 600–1700 (vient de paraître). Les émotions au Moyen Âge, carnet d'EMMA. Consulté le 22 mai 2024, à l’adresse https://doi.org/10.58079/o7pg